Dozens of dogs clubbed, stabbed to death in village campaign
China village kills dozens of dogs in campaign
Published: May 20, 2018 06:53 PM
Villagers in Central China's Hunan Province have seen dozens of stray and pet dogs killed in a government-ordered slaughter initiated after a mad dog attack last week, drawing widespread criticism online.

Officials in Shuanglong village explained they so far have exterminated 70 dogs, or 60 percent all of the dogs in the village, since the campaign began on May 15.

The described methods being used are brutal. "We don't have choice. If we see a dog we beat it. Or we stab the dog and let it bleed to death," Wu Huachu, a village official said. "Then we burn the bodies with gas and bury them," Wu said.

According to Wu, a "mad dog" had bitten at least four people in the area last week and the campaign was "in accordance with China's animal epidemic prevention laws."

"For the safety of residents, we want to make sure we get rid of all the dogs," Wu said. 

However, some villagers are accusing local village officers of indiscriminately killing pet dogs, The Beijing News reported.

Home surveillance footage shows a group of uniformed men entering the gated yard of local resident Wang Wei and beating the family's dog before dragging it away by the neck.

"They had reached through the gate and opened the door from the inside," said Wang. 

However, Wu said Wang's father gave them permission to enter the premises.

Zhong Yi, a member from Jianshi county Party committee, said Shuanglong has since applied for permission to use firearms in their continuing campaign. 

Chinese netizens are criticizing the local government, calling the campaign "extreme."

"It's quite extreme. Dogs are registered in the first place. It's the owners who need to be held responsible," a Sina Weibo user commented.

The Beijing News