Young schoolboy seeking permission to sit with his girlfriend melts hearts
Published: Dec 20, 2018 07:43 PM

A boy and a girl become deskmates at the experimental primary school in Luoyang, Cental China's Henan Province. Photo: VCG

An adorable note by a grade school Romeo to his teacher asking permission to sit with his girlfriend in class has gone viral.

"I've gotten to know what love is and want to grasp it since I met her," read the note by the Guangzhou, Guangdong Province student.

While their ages weren't reported, it's clear from the note's handwriting and mix of phoneticized Chinese that the boy is quite young. 

The young romantic furthers his case by saying how his love pushes him to study harder.

It apparently was enough to convince their teacher surnamed Wang, who signed off on the request. However, it came with one condition: "if you can get over 95 points on the next exam, you two can continue to be deskmates," read the note.

The love story quickly attracted attention on social media."How cute the two kids are! And how lovely the teacher is for not breaking up the couple!" "YijinC" commented.

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