Qixi Festival-themed souvenirs for Beijing Winter Olympic Games debut in China
Published: Aug 07, 2019 06:58 PM

The souvenir badge Photo: Courtesy of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games committee released a souvenir badge and key ring that take the traditional Chinese Qixi Festival as their theme on Wednesday, the day of the festival that is also known as Chinese Valentine's Day.  

The purple and pink circular souvenirs are divided into two parts. The left side has a flock of magpies flying in a line, while the symbol of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is on the right side. 

"When it comes to Qixi Festival, the first thing that people think of must be the Cowherd and the Weaving Girl, the couple who, according to the Chinese legend, were separated by the gods and can only meet during the festival. However, I want to present a fresh perspective to the public, which are the magpies who form a bridge in the sky to allow the couple meet on that day," Liu Jing, the designer of the souvenirs, told the Global Times on Wednesday. 

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