Chinese traditional Yueju Opera crosses over with popular mobile game
Published: Oct 24, 2019 06:18 PM

Shangguan Waner Photo: Courtesy of Xiaobaihua

A new crossover between China's rich traditional culture and pop culture among young Chinese people was announced on Wednesday. 

Mao Weitao, one of the most renowned Yueju Opera performers in China, announced on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo that elements of Yueju Opera, the second-most popular Chinese opera form after Peking Opera, will appear in China's hot mobile game Glory of the King. 

"Allow me to introduce my new apprentice Shangguan Waner [a character in the game]," she posted. 

Mao is famous for playing the lead male role in Yueju Opera.   

According to the opera star, the character in the game is based on Mao's appearances as  Liang Shanbo, the male lead character in the classic opera Butterfly Lovers. 

"Living in the era of the internet, we need to embrace the new culture and inherit the spirit and core value behind the classics," she said.