Boris goes head-to-head with Buckethead and Binface in UK vote
Published: Nov 18, 2019 05:43 PM

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Photo: Xinhua)

When Britain goes to the polls on December 12, all eyes will be on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to see if he can secure a parliamentary majority to help push through his Brexit deal.

But also being played out in Johnson's constituency is a battle for supremacy between two very similar-looking intergalactic space lords.

Lord Buckethead - who bills himself as "mankind's greatest hope for survival" and "a low-budget Darth Vader with a heart" - is a familiar figure on the British political scene, having stood against prime ministers since 1987.

In 2017, he came seventh in the constituency of former prime minister Theresa May and gained worldwide fans when he celebrated his 249 votes by "dabbing" on stage.

This time he faces a new challenger - Count Binface, who wears what appears to be biker leathers but whose head is often covered by a gray receptacle instead of a black one.