“996”, Honey or Poison?
Published: Dec 01, 2019 02:48 PM

Photo: Courtesy of  Wu Yani


Recently, a work schedule called "996", under which employees must work from 9 am to 9 pm and just have one day to rest in a week, became a hot topic. When first put forward in the media, it aroused wide public concern and led to a heated discussion.

The public hold different attitudes towards this work schedule. Some people think it will bring good news, while others deem that suffering will be subsequent. From my point of view, it both has its merits and demerits. On the one hand, it can be beneficial in a short period; it can allow employees to work long for the companies and help the companies come to a higher level. It can also satisfy those who hope to improve their living conditions through hard work. On the other hand, the work time is too restricted, which is unacceptable by the people wanting a flexible time schedule. Meanwhile, with the development of science and technology, the communication among people nowadays become less and less. If we still use this work schedule, it will only make things worse.

If asked whether I would accept this work schedule, I will say "no" without any hesitation. As a person who prefers freedom, travelling and trying new things are all that makes me spellbound. Therefore, I will be loath to be constrained. What's more, it can be tiring for the employees to work continuously without adequate break.

Considering that there are still many people working under this work style, we should face a problem arising from it-- how to make full use of the day? It is highly recommended to relieve the employees' stress through some ways. For example, exercising, via which employees can have a good mood and go to work the next day with a bright smile. It is of great importance to keep a regular sleep schedule, which helps prevent some diseases and improves our work efficiency the next day. There are also alternative methods of relieving stress such as reading, going hiking and climbing mountains. 

However, people have their own choices. Some people need more money and would rather work extra hours at the expense of health and family time, while others need more leisure time and would rather get less salary.

Thus, whether "996" is a honey or poison is worth exploring. This requires us to correctly use "996", the inevitable product of this era, to maximize the benefits. As a famous saying goes: "God rewards those who work hard. " There are always people hoping to create miracles by struggling in this society with their sheer efforts. This path should not be blocked. Nor should we force those who want to enjoy life to work overtime, which can be counterproductive. Choosing the "996" work schedule or not depends on the employees themselves.

Teacher: Mei Chengfang
Yunhe High School