CG & Digital Arts Commission announces projects for 2020
Published: Dec 09, 2019 05:38 PM

Mu Zhifei Photo: Courtesy of Zhou Lin

The CG & Digital Arts Commission of the Chinese Film Art Direction Academy announced their latest projects at a press conference in Beijing on Saturday. The commission will work with the Future Affairs Administration, Chaoyang Museum of Urban Planning and Beijing Design Week for the upcoming 2020 Asia-Pacific Sci-Fi Conference (APSFcon). 

According to Mu Zhifei, the director of the commission, they have planned a number of events in terms of films and computer generated arts for the conference next year. 

In the future, there will be more events that include sci-fi, games and animation at the museum. 

Additionally, the commission also announced the Global Game Art Contest, which aims to seek out new talents and IPs for Beijing Design Week's 3D and CG Short Film Festival.