Bees love student's sweet smelling socks
Published: Dec 12, 2019 06:19 PM

A pair of socks attract a swarm of bees after being washed in fruity aroma shower gel. Screenshot from Pear Video

A pair of socks, washed with fruity-smelling soap by a college student and hung outside the dorm to dry in East China's Zhejiang Province, somehow attracted a swarm of bees, which in turn prompted both humor and horror from netizens. 

A student told Pear Video that one of her roommates had washed the socks with fragrant shower gel, likely to pump up the socks' scent.

"Her socks attract bees, mine attract flies," was one funny comment from someone lacking proper hygiene. 

The roommates said dozens of bees clung to the hanging, heavy wool socks that might resemble a beehive to near-sighted bees. The student said the bees didn't move much, perhaps it was a bit cooler in Hangzhou where the temperature is usually in the mid teens. 

The video triggered a lot of people's apiphobia: "I'll pay 100 yuan to exchange eyes with anyone who hasn't watched this video," and "Those socks must have been sent from hell." 

The college student said the bees finally flew away when they shook them off the sock after it was dry.  

Global Times