Hong Kong TV station TVB and Chinese mainland video platform Youku to cooperate
Published: Aug 18, 2020 01:43 PM

TVB and Youku co-produce a TV drama. Photo: Courtesy of TVB

Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) in the Hong Kong Special Administration Region has signed a cooperation agreement with one of the Chinese mainland's major streaming platforms in an effort to expand in the mainland market. 

Under the agreement, TVB and streaming platform Youku will co-produce five TV dramas, including the second season of Big White Duel, which will release simultaneously on both platforms.

It is expected that the cooperation between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong platforms will allow them to combine their respective advantages.

TVB has rich experience in content production and entertainment management, while Youku possesses a large user base in the Chinese mainland.

Xu Tao, board chairman of TVB, said on Monday that this cooperation is based on the successful experience of both platforms in releasing and coproducing film and TV series. He also noted that the two sides' abilities and resources are highly complementary when it comes to content development, artist cultivation, market development and exploration of new business models.

TVB's content and artist resources will further combine with Youku's platform resources to seek new breakthroughs and growth in new types of business such as e-commerce live streaming, Xu noted.

Almost 300 TVB series are available on video platforms in the Chinese mainland, such as Youku and Tencent Video. Genres range from martial arts and crime shows to epic war series.
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