Indian people celebrate Diwali in China
Published: Nov 14, 2020 09:53 PM

Saturday is the day of Diwali, one of most important festivals in India. Many Indian people living in China gathered together in different cities around the country to celebrate the big day with various activities on Saturday night.

The preparatory work had started in the early afternoon at a restaurant named Punjabi Indian Restaurant in Beijing. Dishes and drinks were put in order on the table, including Lamb Nihari and Tomato Dhanya Shorba, and the banquet was in the form of buffet.

At around 7 pm, the guests who had previously registered online trickled in, some of them wearing traditional Indian costumes. One employee of the restaurant told the Global Times that more than 70 people had registered for the celebration activity.

Not only Indian people, but also some Chinese people joined in the party. Guests chose the food leisurely and talked with their friends and families.

The hall on the third floor of the restaurant has been decorated with flowers and colorful lights. The organizer selected traditional Indian music as background music, adding a distinct atmosphere to the occasion.

Ami, who comes from India and has lived in Beijing for six years, told the Global Times that she got up early this morning for the festival. Her home had been decorated too and like the Chinese Spring Festival, she and her family wore new clothes to welcome the festival.

Ami said celebrating the festival in Beijing is a little lonely as it lacks the festive atmosphere, but there are also various activities in the city and she can have fun with friends. She can also celebrate the Spring Festival here with the similar feeling as Diwali.

Chinese dancers perform for the guests at the party. Photo: Ji Yuqiao/GT

Two Chinese dancers performed Indian dance during the celebration. Many guests also began to shake their bodies following the music.

But Punjabi was not the only place to celebrate Diwali in the capital of China. Another restaurant named 3 Color Lotus Indian Restaurant was also a site for the fete.

In Xi’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, an Indian restaurant offered a place for local Indian people to gather together. The employees of the restaurant let off some fireworks and performed traditional dance for guests.

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