Musical adaptation of TV drama ‘On the Road’ to tour major cities in China
Published: Nov 15, 2020 06:08 PM

Promotional material for On the Road. Photo: Courtesy of the Beijing Performance & Arts Group

On Friday, Chinese musical On the Road announced its tour schedule, which will include Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Produced by the Beijing Performance & Arts Group, the musical, an adaptation of the TV drama of the same name, tells the story of China's vast number of delivery men, the backbone of the express mail industry. 

Chinese actor and singer Ayanga will take the lead in the upcoming musical. 

"Music can deliver a message of positivity and hope to people who are chasing their own dreams," he said. 

At the announcement conference, the creators behind the musical, including the director, songwriter and choreographer, discussed the challenges of adapting a TV drama into a musical.