Pig entrails hurled in Taiwan island ‘legislature’ as politicians tussle over US pork imports
Published: Nov 27, 2020 03:15 PM

Protected by "human shields" composed of over a dozen pro-secessionist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members in raincoats, the head of Taiwan island's so-called "executive body" Su Tseng-chang - who is on the Chinese mainland's blacklist of diehard Taiwan secessionists - finished the island's annual policy address in only five minutes. 

The quick-fire policy address was regarded as the fastest ever, according to Taiwan media, as anger over the DPP's abuse of power translated into profanities and denunciations directed at Su, as well as packages of pig entrails being hurled at him from the opposition Kuomintang Party (KMT), whose members believe their demands and suggestions in support of people's health fell on deaf ears.

In video footage shared online, the DPP's legislators and the opposition counterpart, the KMT, quickly turned their political disagreements into an impromptu Kung fu tournament - the island's "legislature" suddenly became an amateur boxing ring.

The true reason for the embarrassing incident lies in August when DPP leader Tsai Ing-wen announced they would lift the restrictions on imports of ractopamine-enhanced pork from the US in January, after US health chief Alex Azar's Taiwan tour.

Ractopamine is an additive that improves the leanness of some meats; however, it is banned on the Chinese mainland as well as in the European Union because it has been shown to be harmful to humans upon consumption. 

A poll in Taiwan island released on Thursday shows that over 70 percent of people in Taiwan oppose the DPP's "pork diplomacy" resulting in the US' false commitment to Taiwan and threatening people's health. 

On the mainland, netizens saw the funny side of politicians on the island of Taiwan showing, once again, that their self-boasted "democracy" offers chaos, division, and embarrassing tussles.

Outside the "legislature," tens of thousands of protesters rushed to the streets in Taipei and other cities, wrathfully protesting against the DPP's decision to import the problematic meat from the US. The KMT, according to the South China Morning Post, has also rallied its supporters to join the protest for the first time. 

The KMT head, Chiang Chi-chen, recently called on Tsai to have a televised debate on the issue, but the request has so far been snubbed by Tsai, unsurprisingly.

The DPP is truly facing pressure on the island of Taiwan. In addition to the pork incident, the DPP recently shut down an anti-secessionist TV station for providing people with an alternative perspective and the island was excluded from the world's two largest economic and trade frameworks, the RCEP and the CPTPP.