Chinese caricaturist’s work on US Capitol farce gains popularity
Published: Jan 10, 2021 10:12 PM

Photo: Weibo

Chinese cartoonist Wuheqilin published his new illustration on the farce and riots on Capitol Hill on Sunday, adopting a realistic style and sarcastic tone, prompting netizens to share their analyses and interpretation of the work showing US politics in chaos and the separation of powers in crisis. 

 The work “Separation of powers Thief Mob Murderer” shows two Trump supports raiding a Congress room, one holding an object resembling a fasces. A policeman points his gun at the Trump supporter while a male politician with a red tie steals a ballot from the man holding the fasces. 
Behind the man, a woman picks a ballot out of the pocket of a dead person who is covered in a blood-stained US national flag. A cell phone displaying a blocked Twitter account is dropped beside the dead body. 

Behind them, blood is splashed onto the wall and people can see four bullet holes. 

Accompanying the new illustration, the artist wrote “Record the absurd but real history.”

Netizens have started a new round of interpretation of the cartoonist’s political caricature, with most believing that US democracy has been stolen by politicians and destroyed by mobs. 

“Who killed the Trump supporters on Capitol Hill is not important here, the murderer is a murderer of democracy,” a netizen said in one interpretation of the work on Sina Weibo.

“There are so many details in the cartoon that showed the failure of US politics and the crises of its values. I was thrilled when I noticed the cell phone showed a blocked Twitter account,” another Weibo user wrote. 

The cartoonist Wuheqilin, who has been producing political caricatures for a while, gained international attention in his battle with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison over an art piece on Australian soldiers’ killing of Afghanistan civilians. 

Global Times 

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