Can't catch a break! Woman quarantined seven times in 12 months
Published: Jan 19, 2021 06:58 PM

Villagers took a designated bus to quarantine centers in Shijiazhuang, N China's Hebei Province, on January 11. Photo: VCG

Quarantine has become a frequently used word in this turbulent year of pandemic. However, no one has a better idea of what it means than a woman from Shijiazhuang, North China's Hebei Province, who came under the spotlight after her story of being quarantined seven times in a year was shared on the internet, prompting netizens to leave various notes of encouragement to cheer her up. 

Gu Juan underwent her first home quarantine in January, 2020, when she traveled back from Southwest China's Yunnan Province. Just as she completed the quarantine, one of the tourists in her travel group was confirmed as being infected, making her a close contact and once again putting her in isolation. 

Her unfortunate life of quarantine continued in June, after she returned to Beijing, and a deliveryman who had been to Gu's workplace was confirmed as a patient. 

A year later, in January 2021, Gu went back to Shijiazhuang for her New Year holiday, when the city found itself in a whirl of surging cases, and Gu, for the seventh time, was locked inside her apartment. 

Many netizens have left warm-hearted messages on her social media account, cheering her up with jokes and words of encouragement. Gu said that she is very grateful for such kindness from strangers, and is currently working from home.

Global Times