'Solo Chinese New Year eve dinner' becomes popular among young people
Published: Feb 08, 2021 11:58 PM

Chinese New Year Eve's dinner sold on Taobao Photo: Screenshot of Taobao

From large supermarkets, e-commerce platforms to many restaurants, "solo Chinese New Year Eve's dinner" is becoming a new popular choice for people who don't travel home during the upcoming holidays.

This year, more than 100 million people in China will stay in the cities where they work or live instead of joining the world's largest annual human migration. The trend, caused by the threat of the coronavirus, will leave people eating alone during the Chinese New Year, traditionally the year's most important family banquet.

Many restaurants are offering small set meal for one or two people, a take-out platform data shows the orders for New Year's dinner has increased more than quadrupled over last year. 

Chen Wu, a Jinding restaurant manager in Beijing, told the Global Times that they have prepared several set meals for young people who are staying in Beijing, especially New Year's dinners for one. "We hope they have a good year in Beijing."

A search for "New Year's dinner" on Taobao and Jingdong, Chinese biggest ecommerce platforms, the Global Times reporter found that large companies are offering set menu dinners with a dozen dishes or a much shorter menu for one. 

People can also choose from a wide range of dishes such as Braised the Yellow River carp, Cantonese roast duck, Stewed Pork Ball in Brown Sauce, Chinese rice pudding, Hainan Coconut Chicken, Chaoshan beef hot pot and other semi-finished products, so that they could enjoy tastes from their hometowns.

Li Sheng, an aeronautical engineer of Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute told the Global Times that it's the first time he will spend Chinese New Year in Beijing. " I don't know how to make a dinner without my parents in New Year's Eve, but I found many friends bought semi-finished products from online platforms. I also ordered a solo dinner for New Year's Eve online."

Liu Ke, a programmer who works in ByteDance, told the Global Times that "it is a good way to avoid wasting food through choosing a solo dinner."

Global Times

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