As shadow of pandemic lifts, Wuhan invites visitors to admire spring cherry blossoms
Published: Mar 04, 2021 08:04 PM
Cherry blossoms in Wuhan Photo: VCG

Cherry blossoms in Wuhan Photo: VCG

With cherry blossom season right around the corner, the local government in Wuhan, Hubei Province, on Wednesday issued recommendations for the 10 best places to admire cherry blossoms in the city, including Wuhan University and Donghu Park.

Wuhan is home to more than half a million cherry trees, covering almost all the various species around the world, according to a report from the Paper.

The first recommended place is Donghu Park, one of the top three cherry blossom parks in the world alongside parks in Japan and the US.

Wuhan University, which was previously locked down due to COVID-19, is now open to the public; however, visitors will have to register online to enter the campus.

The university is famous for its more than 2,000 cherry trees, earning it the description "the most beautiful university campus in China." 

The Cherry blossom is one of symbols of Wuhan and as the flower blossoms in spring, it is seen as a sign of vitality by local residents.

"When we see cherry blossoms fill our city, we know spring is coming and the shadow of coldness has gone away," an Wuhan resident surnamed Fang, 26, told the Global Times.

Cherry blossoms in Wuhan Photo: VCG

Cherry blossoms in Wuhan Photo: VCG

The flower is also an inspiration for Wuhan artists. One street artist GAN organized an online activity a year ago during the city's lockdown, inviting artists around the world to create graffiti paintings themed on cherry blossoms. 

"I know people living in other places still feel afraid and worry when speaking of Wuhan, let alone visit the city. So I wanted to show them the beauty and charm of my hometown through this flower," he told the Global Times.

The endeavors of the Wuhan municipal government and residents seem to have had an impact as some travelers have begun choosing Wuhan as one of their destinations for the upcoming Qingming Festival holiday.

Meng Yu, a Beijing resident, said that she wants to spend the entire three-day holiday in Wuhan, but not only to admire the well-known cherry blossoms.

"I would also like to get close to this strong-minded city and its people, and experience its beauty during these bloomy spring days."

Cherry blossoms in Wuhan Photo: VCG

Cherry blossoms in Wuhan Photo: VCG

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