Chinese netizens applaud Rihanna for joining Anti-Asian hate movement
Published: Apr 06, 2021 05:22 PM
Rihanna Photo: Sina Weibo

Rihanna Photo: Sina Weibo

Chinese netizens gave thumbs-up to Barbadian pop superstar Rihanna after she attended a Stop Asian Hate march in New York on Monday. 

A short video showing the star holding a protest sign that said "#StopAsianHate" went viral on Chinese social media on Monday.

In the video, Rihanna, dressed in black with a face mask and hat, can be seen walking with many other people in the parade and holding up a sign and dancing to the rhythm of Stop Asian hate chants. 

Also a prevalent social media icon, the singer also voiced a message on her Instagram account to stop "AAPI" (Asian American Pacific Islander) hate.

Many Chinese netizens expressed their support for the singer's actions. 

"Rihanna is the first celebrity among the global mainstream artists to take to the streets to speak out against Asian discrimination in person! Her kindness deserves our respect and support," one Chinese netizen commented on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo.  

"This is a queen's behavior! It is great to see someone so influential taking part in such an important movement. I am so proud of her," another netizen wrote.

Many celebrities including Chinese-American basketball player Jeremy Lin and actor Daniel Wu, Korean-American Sandra Oh and Indian-American Mindy Kaling also took to social media to calling for a stop to anti-Asian discrimination.

Global Times