Baby miraculously survives after car plunges off cliff in Chongqing
Published: Apr 20, 2021 07:38 PM
Photo: Screenshot of a video online

Photo: Screenshot of a video online

An infant miraculously survived a car crash after the vehicle it was in plunged off a 20-meter cliff in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, according to media reports.

In a video released by the Chinanews on Monday, several firefighters were seen using shovels to rescue a baby trapped under a SUV. The 3-month-old suffered no injuries and had normal vital signs, and was sent to the hospital for further examination.

Five people in the car, including four adults and the baby, all survived the car crash, with the four adults all suffering minor injuries, Chongqing Morning News reported Thursday.

In the incident, which was reported in February, an SUV plunged off the cliff while driving past a village on a mountain road in Fengdu, Chongqing.

After the four adults were rescued by passing villagers, the baby was still missing, according to the report, but rescuers were able to locate the infant from its crying.

Netizens on Sina Weibo cheered the survival of the baby, calling the infant "the Chosen One", and saying that anyone who survives a great disaster is destined to enjoy good fortune forever.

Another comment under the video named the baby after the first chapter of the Harry Potter series, calling it "the infant who lived."