Press conference in Beijing details China-France ‘ballet communication’
Published: Apr 25, 2021 05:49 PM
China-France 'ballet communication' press conference Photo: Courtesy of Gao

China-France 'ballet communication' press conference Photo: Courtesy of Gao

A press conference to announce the 2021 collaborative plan between China and France on ballet dance was held by the Centre de Communication de Ballet Fran?ais in Beijing on Wednesday. 

The conference introduced major agendas such as the signing of strategic cooperation agreements by China-France arts and culture organizations. A ballet performance was also held to introduce French royal ballet dancing to the Chinese public. 

Ballet is a type of classic dance that has long history in France, and was particularly adored by royalty. Louis XIV was one of the French aristocrats who massively indulged in ballet, even once starring as Apollo in a performance, which is how the king got his byname of the Sun King. 

The press conference was launched to enhance cultural exchanges between France and China as well as to mark the 57th anniversary of the establishment the diplomatic relations between the two countries. 

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