Anti-fraud lecturer falls victim to telecommunication scam
Published: May 25, 2021 06:54 PM
Photo: IC

Phone scam Photo: IC

Due to the proliferation of telecommunication fraud, many companies are now hiring special "anti-fraud lecturers" to help their employees avoid being scammed. However, sometimes there's no way to escape the scammers' tricks - despite daily exposure to their various methods, one anti-fraud preacher still fell victim to telecom fraud.

According to reports from Jiangsu News, on May 6, corporate anti-fraud lecturer Xiaoyan (pseudonym) from Changzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, was swindled out of 180,000 yuan ($28,072) in a telecom scam.

Xiaoyan works at a local enterprise's publicity department, and has participated in anti-fraud publicity work and even anti-fraud skit performances. Looking back on the process of being scammed, Xiaoyan said, "The incident is really quite ridiculous. How can such a typical fraud happen to me (as an anti-fraud lecturer)?"

Xiaoyan explained that the scammers were really clever and used cloud conferencing software to carry out the scam. Every step of Xiaoyan's operation was carried out under the watch of the scammers. Xiaoyan recalled, "I was slightly delayed by two seconds, and the scammers started to push me. I transferred all the money out, without noticing."

The local police have started an investigation into the case.

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