Man extorted for $17,000 in ‘naked chat’ trap despite having clothes on
Published: Jun 07, 2021 06:57 PM
Photo: CFP

Photo: CFP

A man in Changzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, became the victim of an updated version of the "naked chat" trap after swindlers extorted him for 110,000 yuan ($17,000), despite the fact that he was fully dressed at the time.

The man, surnamed Wang, told the police that he had already realized it might be a scam when a "female net friend" he met online invited him to download a chat app for a "deeper chat". Driven by curiosity, he took up the offer, thinking he was safe as long as he didn't take off his clothes.

When the video chat was connected, he only revealed his face in front of the camera, having his clothes on. 

To his surprise, he soon received a porn video in which his face had been attached to a man's naked body using AI face-exchange technology.

Coerced by the swindlers, Wang had to transfer money for multiple times, totaling 110,000 yuan, to make sure they did not put the video online. 

The case is under investigation, said the local police.

Global Times

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