Woman tricked by buying ‘amnesia water’
Published: Jun 15, 2021 08:09 PM
Photo: Screenshot of online video posted by Jiangsu News

Photo: Screenshot of online video posted by Jiangsu News

A woman in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, found herself being tricked by someone selling "amnesia water", who disappeared after receiving 6,500 yuan ($1,000) from her. The woman reportedly wanted to buy the "elixir" to forget all her "agony" after having a quarrel with her boyfriend. 

The woman, surnamed Qian, found the so-called "amnesia water" being sold on the internet, which the seller claimed could relieve her of her worries and make her forget painful memories. 

The "medicine" was sold at a price of 500 yuan, but the seller asked her to first transfer a deposit as the deal itself is "forbidden" and he needed the money to make sure "everything goes well," according to a report from local police. 

The seller also required Qian to delete all the conversation history between them, including screenshots he had sent to show previous "deals" that he had successfully made.

After receiving 6,500 yuan, the seller agreed on a time and place to meet with Qian; but just before the meeting, the seller said he was not able to come and blocked Qian on the phone. 

Qian eventually realized that she had been tricked and later reported the case to the police, from whom she learned that "there was no such a thing as 'amnesia water. '" 

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