Secret delivery busted after neighbor frightened by cat sounds
Published: Jun 22, 2021 07:23 PM
Photo: Screenshot of video posted by Ran Video

Photo: Screenshot of video posted by Ran Video

A deliveryman imitating a cat's meows while delivering a package to a client late at night frightened the client's neighbor into calling security on him, reported Toutiao News on Tuesday. 

The client had bought a video game console online and asked the deliveryman to deliver it late at night after his wife was asleep, as he didn't want her to know about it. 

The client had asked the deliveryman to flash the flashlight outside his window to notify him when he had arrived, but when the deliveryman did so, the secret signal went unnoticed. 

After trying again and failing several times, the deliveryman started to meow like a cat outside the client's home so as not to wake up his wife. 

However, the deliveryman was unaware that his bizarre actions were all being  captured by the surveillance camera that had been installed in the corridor by the client's neighbor, who promptly called the security guard for help. 

Internet users on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo were amused by the incident and felt sympathy for the deliveryman and made fun of the client, saying that now everyone across the country knows he secretly bought a video game player, and not just his wife.