Woman and her suitor in East China’s Zhejiang Province rent ex’s car, run 49 red lights in revenge
Published: Jul 07, 2021 07:48 PM
Red light. Photo: IC

Red light. Photo: IC

Police in Shaoxing, East China's Zhejiang Province, have detained a man and a woman on suspicion of provoking trouble. The two rented the woman's ex-boyfriend's car and ran the red lights for 49 times in revenge.

Local police first spotted the Audi after it had broken traffic rules 50 times in two days, including 49 times for running the red lights and one for speeding. 

After an investigation, they found the car was rented by a man surnamed Chen from the car owner Qian. Chen admitted that he was only renting it for an acquaintance, Zhu, who was the one driving the car. 

As police reached Zhu, he confessed that the reason for such irrational behavior was that he had been pursuing a woman surnamed Lou for a long time, and Lou agreed to go out with him only if he sought revenge for her in this way. 

It turned out that Lou and the car owner Qian had been dating before, but Qian ditched her for other women, which irritated Lou.