Police chase woman for over 100 km to stop her from being scammed for the 6th time
Published: Jul 21, 2021 06:48 PM
Phone scam. Photo: VCG

Phone scam. Photo: VCG

Police in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, drove nonstop for over 100 kilometers chasing after a woman in order to prevent her from transferring money to a phone scammer.

The local police received a call from a citizen who claimed that her sister surnamed Yu has been "brainwashed" by a phone scammer who persuades her to constantly transfer money.

Yu refused to listen and was still trying to borrow money from her relatives and friends when the local police got in touch with her through phone. She even borrowed her colleague's car in order to avoid her family's obstruction and to drive to another city for remittance, according to media reports.

"We had to chase after Yu to stop her. We drove nonstop for over 100 kilometers before intercepting her car and stopped another remittance, which would've cost her 20,000 yuan ($3,080)," the police told Jiangsu TV.

The woman had already sent money to the scammer five times, with the amount totaling 48,000 yuan ($7,397). Yu's bank account has been locked to avoid her from making any more transactions, said the report.

Global Times
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