US should correct its own ‘economic coercion’ rather than blaming China: FM
Published: Jul 22, 2021 10:29 PM
Zhao Lijian

Zhao Lijian


The Chinese Foreign Ministry has dismissed comments by US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, who said that the US would cooperate with Australia to deal with China's "economic coercion." 

Tai met with Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan on Wednesday, according to media reports. Tai said that the US is closely monitoring the trade tensions between Australia and China, and the US will stand with Australia to deal with the challenge and address Chinese policies that harm American and Australian workers, businesses and citizens. Tai also said there would be high-level consultations targeting issues such as "economic coercion."

Such a claim is like calling black white and shows ill intentions, said Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the ministry at a press briefing on Thursday.

Zhao said that the current state of China-Australia relations was caused because Australia has interfered in China's internal affairs, harmed China's interests, and adopted discriminatory trade practices against China.

The US should look at its own "unfairness" and "coercion" rather than aiming such accusations at China, Zhao said, adding that China does not use bullying sanctions or interfere in and suppress global enterprises. The US has been suppressing Chinese high-tech enterprises and wielding sanctions to provoke a "trade war" against China, said Zhao.

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