Documentary focusing on Chinese peacekeeping forces releases in China and abroad to salute 94th Army Day
Published: Aug 01, 2021 11:50 PM
Photo: Screenshot of the trailer of documentary <em>Peacekeepers</em>

Photo: Screenshot of the trailer of documentary Peacekeepers

Peacekeepers, a Chinese documentary showing the powerful spirit of Chinese peacekeeping forces jointly produced by Chinese and UK studios, was released in China and overseas on Sunday, China's 94th Army Day.

It took five years to produce the two-episode documentary, a representative of China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC), one of the production companies, told the Global Times. The Meridian Line Film from UK also joined in producing the documentary.

The documentary was released on the US' History Channel Asia and Chinese video platforms Bilibili and iQIYI on Sunday to salute to China's Army Day.

To maintain peace and social stability in South Sudan, Chinese soldiers voluntarily applied to join a peacekeeping force, which built a base up from nothing after arriving in the country. The process is all recorded in the documentary.

The more than 700 soldiers spent just 28 days building the Chinese peacekeeping camp, where they needed to stand guard 24 hours a day to protect local residents and carry out tasks during high temperatures of nearly 50 C. 

Peacekeepers uses the first person perspective to show life in refugee camps and Chinese camps at the UN base in South Sudan, as well as the process of Chinese peacekeepers executing tasks.

Chinese peacekeepers took part in helping locals in trouble, including providing support to medical stations for refugees and traveling muddy roads to transport needed supplies on rainy days.

"We come for peace," Chinese peacekeepers were always trying to convey this message and China's global pledge to people in trouble around the world.

Many professionals, including international experts on issues in South Sudan and former international peacekeepers, accepted interviews for the documentary during which they commented positively on Chinese peacekeeping forces.

They praised and were moved by other peacekeepers for maintaining local security, quieting unrest in refugee camps, providing humanitarian assistance and carrying out coordinated mutual assistance between UN camps.

According to the documentary, China has greatly increased its participation in UN peacekeeping operations since 1990 and is now one of the leading contributors of troops and funds to UN peacekeeping operations.

When dealing with refugee children, female Chinese peacekeepers took off their glasses and smiled so the children could feel equal and respected. During demonstrations and clashes, Chinese peacekeeping troops always gave priority to protecting the safety of women and children and providing humanitarian assistance. 

The Chinese camp opens its gates to hold Open Day events during traditional Chinese festivals. Through such cultural exchanges, local people were able to learn more about China and come to love and trust the country. 

UN officials say that China has contributed more peacekeepers and completed more peacekeeping missions than any other of the permanent members of the UN Security Council,

Besides peacekeeping troops, China also continuously offers medical aid to African countries in need.