Talk shows in China promote Olympic culture
Published: Aug 03, 2021 06:53 PM
Promotional material for the talk show <em>Let's Talk Olympics</em> Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

Promotional material for the talk show Let's Talk Olympics Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

As Chinese athletes compete to win medals at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, a number of talk shows in China are working to promote public awareness of the Games, the fighting spirit of athletes and the behind-the-scene stories of their great successes. 

The latest example is the show Let's Talk Olympics, a new program from Hunan TV, Mango TV and Migu Video that seeks to offer something different to viewers. 

The daily show that debuted on July 26 aims to present scenes and information about the Games in the forms of talks  with guests from four groups: stars, talk show hosts, former Olympic winners and athletes.  

Covered topics include "Which leisure programs do you wish the Olympic village had?" and "How can matches raise TV ratings and reach more viewers." 

Additionally, viewers get to have questions related to their own lives answered such as how athletes deal with pressure and insomnia. 

Many athletes, even Olympic winners such as Chinese table tennis legend Deng Yaping have had to deal with nigh unbearable pressure. On a similar program, Deng once said that in order to overcome her height disadvantages, her father, also a table tennis coach, told her to move faster and attack harder. 

"As long as you do not allow yourself to be overcome by the pressure, you will finally rebound after hitting bottom one day," she said. 

More untold stories have been unveiled in similar shows like Connecting to the Olympics and Champions' Family

Former national Taikwondo champion Zhang Lanxin, who spent years on China's national Taekwondo team, was recently a guests on Let's Talk Olympics

According to Zhang, she didn't eat rice or have soda for years in order to control her weight. Days before a match, she would dehydrate herself to reach the 47-kilogram weight requirement. 

Her story gained her the respect of the other guests on the show as well as viewers.