Employees fired for discussing to have arrested Kris Wu represent the brand
Published: Aug 04, 2021 04:03 PM
Kris Wu Photo: VCG

Kris Wu Photo: VCG

NETA Auto, a brand under Hozon Auto in China, has triggered fierce discussion on China's Twitter-like social media Sina Weibo on Wednesday for firing employees who discussed to have Kris Wu represent the brand, for "seriously challenging social values."

According to a screenshot of one WeChat group chat of NETA employees, marketing staffer Peng Gang said, "The spirit of NETA is to give people a second chance." He was discussing with co-workers about inviting Wu to represent the brand.

"This move will make us famous on the internet within five minutes," Peng added. "It's worth a try. If it fails, just apologize and fire related staff." His idea was also approved by other staffers in the group.

The brand, instead, fired all workers who were involved in the discussion. "Our brand thinks that some individuals' words have seriously challenged the social values, brought bad influence and went against the company's principles and purposes," it said on Tuesday.

Zhang Yong, the CEO of the brand commented about the decision on Sina Weibo on Wednesday, "let them pay for their words."

Wu, a Chinese-Canadian pop idol, was detained by Beijing police for suspected rape on Saturday night. He has since been blocked by most social media platforms and brands.

Global Times