24th Beijing Music Festival kicks off in capital
Published: Oct 10, 2021 05:38 PM
BMF artistic director Zou Shuang Photo: Courtesy of BMF

BMF artistic director Zou Shuang Photo: Courtesy of BMF

The 24th Beijing Music Festival (BMF) kicked off in Beijing on Saturday. 

As China celebrates the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the 24th BMF and the Chinese Music Association Symphony Orchestra Alliance co-launched a new symphony orchestra composed of 100 CPC members from 21 symphony orchestras and institutions across the country. 

At the festival opening on Saturday, the newly formed symphony orchestra played a total of 11 classic songs that ran through the glorious history of the Chinese revolution. 

"The 21 orchestras and institutions each have their own history and style. But we soon were able to have a tacit understanding of art, which allowed the symphony orchestra to have its own sound," said the orchestra's conductor Zhang Guoyong at the festival opening.

"As the first professional classical music festival in China, BMF has the responsibility to dedicate our praise to this era," well-known Chinese conductor Yu Long said at the opening concert, noting that symphony orchestras in China have undergone tremendous changes since the start of the 21st century.

One of the largest classical music events in China, the festival is scheduled to last for 16 days, during which time it will host 20 main concerts under the theme of Masters and Celebrations.