Summit talk for national theater season hosted in Beijing
Published: Oct 20, 2021 07:53 PM
The summit talk  Photo: Courtesy of Fan Ying

The summit talk Photo: Courtesy of Fan Ying

A summit talk, part of the ongoing National Drama Stage Season, was hosted on Tuesday in Beijing. The talk covered four major topics including show Chinese dramas can tell Chinese stories well, drama development in the context of dual cycles, media integration in the drama industry, and drama creation and urban linkage. 

According to Lü Yuzhong from China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Beijing has increasingly become a theater center of international influence. Dramas must inherit the beauty of culture, display the light of humanity, and record the soul of the times. The summit dialogue is based on an international perspective, standing at the forefront of drama art, and discussing the development of Chinese dramas.

Guest speakers such as Tian Qinxin, president of National Theater of China, and Wang Keran, artistic director and founder of culture company Magnificent Culture, shared their stories and examples of how to tell China's stories.