Series ‘Young Forever’ delivers positive energy to Chinese youths
Published: Nov 30, 2021 06:43 PM
From young Chinese athletes who are competing and winning honors for the country to ordinary young people who serve in the army to protect the motherland, video series Young Forever produced by China's Hunan Satellite TV has gained popularity among young audiences by delivering positive energy and a fighting spirit. 

On Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo, a number of short videos from the series featuring young pilots of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force, actor Wang Yibo, renowned pianist Lang Lang and Tokyo Olympic champion Gong Lijiao have been well received and the topic has earned more than 200 million views and over 1 million discussions. 

Among them is a video produced by the station and the PLA Central Theater Command, in which, Zhang Kai, a young PLA air force pilot recalls his first patrol experience in a fighter plane in 2017. That experience changed him and motivated him to dedicated his life to "protecting the Chinese people."  

"To protect our airspace is to protect the people," he added.

Since the first trailer was released in July, Young Forever has seen different interpretation from young people of all walks of life. 

For singer Ding Chengxin, it is to have faith amid uncertainty in life; for singer Mao Buyi, it is to know how to be satisfied with the good in life; for actor Song Weilong, it is to have the courage to chase after desire; for singer Wang Yuan, it is to seek and break through to a new self. The answers are various, but all full of positive power. 

Millions of Chinese people like Zhang are chasing their dreams and living life with a positive attitude. 

According to the producers, the video series aims to collect these voices and present their life attitudes to young audiences. 

Besides this series, more and more TV series targeting a younger demographic like Remembrance of Things Past have been focusing on young people's struggles and their dare-to-try attitude. 

One of the most popular lines from the drama best represents the show: "Opportunities should be seized by us, no opportunistic tricks are allowed. Everyone wants a relaxed life, but that cannot conflict with hard work."