Game show promotes sports spirit before Beijing Winter Olympics
Published: Dec 19, 2021 06:48 PM
The curling competition Photo: Courtesy of Tencent

The curling competition Photo: Courtesy of Tencent

As there are only weeks left before the Beijing Winter Olympic Games begin, excitement is growing throughout the country. From news programs to entertainment shows, Chinese streaming sites and other platforms are working together to build a great atmosphere and raise public awareness about the Olympic spirit. 

One such program is the popular game show Super Novae Games, which has turned into a sporting event in which China's young stars compete with guidance from former Olympic champions. 

The show has set up various sports blocks like archery, basketball, rock climbing and street dancing as well as winter sports such as curling, speed skating and snowboarding. According to the show's producer, their goal is to awake these entertainers' desire to win and the spirit of sportsmanship by creating a professional stadium atmosphere. 

The crew's efforts paid off as everyone on the show, both beginners and professionals, have worked hard to make it to the end. 

The oldest athlete taking part in the Super Novae Games show, singer Ding Dang at nearly 40 years old, won third place in the short track speed skating competition on Friday after hardship and continuous practice. 

After the event, she also shared her experience on Weibo: "As we grow, we will experience highs and lows on our journey. When we are on a smooth journey, we will see it with a normal heart. When we feel weak during our low moments, we must tell ourselves that only the truly strong can face and accept their weaknesses." The highlight of the show, bringing to life China's vision to engage 300 million people with sport on snow and ice, is the combination of sports and program events to popularize winter sports and the infectious enthusiasm of the participants, which is sure to be passed on to viewers. 

Additionally, these sport professionals and former Olympic champions and medalists like China's first Winter Olympic Games champion Yang Yang, silver medalist at the Turin Winter Games Zhang Dan and Zhou Yan, member of the national team who won a bronze for curling at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, have demonstrated the true spirit of sports.