Chinese member of K-pop group wins thumbs-up with traditional Chinese greeting in S.Korea
Published: Jan 04, 2022 03:43 PM
Photo: Sina Weibo

Photo: Sina Weibo

Chinese member Wang Yiren of South Korean hit girl group Everglow has earned thumbs-up from netizens after she used traditional Chinese etiquette to give New Year's greetings during a signing session in South Korea.

Some viral photos of the signing session show that while the South Korean members kneeled down before the audiences, most of whom are their fans in gratitude for their support in the New Year, Wang, seen standing in the middle of the group, made a traditional Chinese gesture that involves making a fist with one hand and wrapping it with the other and holding the fist in front of her body as a New Year greeting. 

Wang's move earned her a lot of thumbs-up from Chinese netizens on social media. 

"Well done, Yiren! Since ancient times, we Chinese have the tradition of only kneeling down to the Earth, the Heaven and our parents," one netizen commented on Sina Weibo.

"Wang has set a good example for Chinese stars developing their career overseas, which is still keeping with Chinese etiquette and spreading Chinese culture abroad," another netizen wrote on Sina Weibo.

The only Chinese member of Yuehua Entertainment's Everglow, Wang is the band's lead dancer and vocalist. She once showed support for Xinjiang cotton on social media.