'River of Salvation,' film focusing on the plight of women at the bottom of society, premieres in Beijing
Published: Jan 05, 2022 07:34 PM
The cast members of movie <em>River of Salvation</em> Photo:Courtesy of Tang Bingchuan

The cast members of movie River of Salvation Photo:Courtesy of Tang Bingchuan

Chinese director Gao Qisheng's River of Salvation, scheduled to hit big screens in the Chinese mainland on Friday, held its premiere on Tuesday in Beijing. Starring Li Yanxi and Zhu Kangli, the movie demonstrates the plight of women living at the bottom of society through its unique observations and presentation. 

 "Women's emotions are more delicate. What happens to Elder Sister Rong [the films main character] also reflects the shadow hanging over many women at the bottom of society today. Even if many people have not experienced Sister Rong's arduous journey, they can still empathize with her and gain strength from it," Gao said at the premiere.

"From this film, the audience can see not only women, but also men, and the common difficulties of a generation." 

The film has won the support and hearts of film critics and industry insiders. 

Song Wen, the founder of FIRST Youth Film Festival, said the he believes that any work that dares to present a strong voice is worthy of recognition. 

"This film is a particularly precious existence at this time," he said.