New TV series ‘The Oath of Love’ focuses on families and lovers
Published: Mar 27, 2022 05:30 PM
Photo: Douban

Photo: Douban

With its focus on family and romantic relationships, the new TV series The Oath of Love has become a hit since its debut on March 15, becoming one of the most talked-about shows on social media.

The 29-episode TV series on Tencent Video, starring Chinese actress Yang Zi and actor Xiao Zhan, was highly anticipated before release. 

Lin Zhixiao (Yang) is a cellist who is about to graduate in a year. Although her father has many plans for her, she wants to go her own way and hopes to persist with her music dream.

Gu Wei (Xiao) is a doctor who is right in the middle of a career slump and is thinking of quitting when he meets Lin.

Lin's father is hospitalized after getting diagnosed with cancer, allowing for Lin and Gu to meet. They fall in love with each other after a series of accidents and touching moments, and finally decide to get married to face life's difficulties together.

After watching the episodes released so far, many audiences said they felt the series gets it right when depicting the happiness and messiness of real life. Although the main plot revolves around the couple, romantic relationships are not the only theme of the series.

The Lin family epitomizes most families today. Lin's parents are also like many people's parents. They worry about their children's future, show pride at their progress and fear their children may get sick. The complexity of the father-daughter relationship and the delicate sense of life unfolding along with the plot have ignited audiences' empathy.

"When I see the story of Lin and her father, I think of my parents. They show their love for me by exhausting their abilities, but have never been able to express themselves," one Sina Weibo user commented.

Netizens have delighted themselves by talking about Gu and Lin's story, which many say are different from other urban romantic series.

The two of them are not perfect characters and also need to face multiple pressure and challenges from life.

Gu and Lin support each other, and in the common face of difficulties they grow into better people, which is why the series has moved many viewers.

Twenty-two episodes of the series has been released so far.