Musical to debut in S.Korea to mark 30th anniversary of China-South Korea diplomatic relations
Published: Apr 05, 2022 07:18 PM
Promotional material of Shanghai 1932-34 Photo: Snapshot of China News

Promotional material of Shanghai 1932-34 Photo: Snapshot of China News

An original musical Shanghai 1932-34 will debut at a theater in Dongguk University, South Korea from April 16 to 30 in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of China-South Korea diplomatic relations, according to a report from China News.

Co-produced by South Korea's Seoul Arts Center and Human B troupe, the musical tells the story of how celebrities such as Chinese actor Jin Yan, a Korean who fled to China with his family at the age of 2, and Chinese composer Nie Er resisted aggression and oppression, fought for their ideals, and explored the road to national salvation through films set in the 1930s Shanghai.

The story shows the fighting spirit of Chinese and Korean revolutionaries to safeguard the dignity of their nations and demonstrates the enduring friendship between China and South Korea.

Chinese Ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming, who watched a preview of the musical, spoke highly of the show, saying Shanghai 1932-34 fully demonstrates patriotism and the profound friendship between the Chinese and Korean revolutionaries and acts as a tribute to the history of China-South Korea friendly exchanges and revolutionary martyrs, according to China News.

Yoo In-taek, president of the Seoul Arts Center, said that the musical was designed to promote cultural exchanges between China and South Korea so that younger generations could inherit this fighting spirit and join hands to create the future. 

According to reports, tickets for Shanghai 1932-34 will be sold through the South Korean platform Interpark and that audiences from China can enjoy a 20 percent discount on ticket prices.