Works by young ballet dancers presented
Published: Apr 12, 2022 06:47 PM
An annual workshop for young choreographers from The National Ballet of China (NBC) is ready to present their cutting-edge ideas to audiences in Beijing across 10 special performances on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Choreographed by 12 young students, these performances presented at the Beijing Tianqiao Theater draw inspiration from and focus on a variety of topics relevant to today's society.

"I'd like the audience to pay more attention to the people behind these productions that gave the performances themselves," Wang Sizheng, general director of the NBC workshop, told the Global Times. 

"Those young choreographers are very talented and full of ideas. However, all of them are facing a similar problem: How to transform from a ballet dancer into an excellent choreographer. I really hope they can be noticed by the public and want to provide a proper platform for them through this opportunity," Wang said.

For instance, Boundless Grasses Over the Plain by Liu Xuechen was inspired by a Chinese poem about the tenacious life of grass. 

Through dance, the student presents a conversation between weeds and a homeless boy, both of which bloom with vitality after a cold winter, to reflect the resilience of life on Earth. 

In addition, the 10 works also experiment with ways to integrate Chinese culture, tradition and aesthetics into this Western art form - an important task for Chinese ballet choreographers for decades. 

The new performance will display the most recent results of their efforts.