‘Literati and Artisan’ exhibition explores China’s traditional culture
Published: Apr 12, 2022 06:51 PM
The exhibition Photo: Courtesy of the Nanchizi Museum

The exhibition Photo: Courtesy of the Nanchizi Museum

A new exhibition at Beijing's Nanchizi Museum is exploring the relations between literati and artisans, an ancient debate that has existed for quite a long time in China. With Cui Cancan as the curator, the Literati and Artisan exhibition features a total of 20 artworks, including sculptures, installations, videos and paintings, created by artists Yang Fudong, Zhan Wang and Zhao Zhao. 

According to the curator, these works being showcased at the museum, located in a traditional garden, helps extend the life of Chinese literati and discusses the value of the spirit of artisans.

In ancient China, literati and artisans played two different roles. Literati were scholars who often worked as officials, while artisans contributed to society as designers, painters and carpenters. 

The exhibition is set to run until July 9.