2022 China-Russia youth music competition comes to close in Moscow
Published: May 05, 2022 08:25 PM

2022 "Friendship Cup" international music competition oraganized by both China and Russia closed in Moscow on May 4, 2022. Photo: Screenshot from

The curtain came down on a youth music compeition oraganized by both China and Russia on Wednesday in Moscow with a closing concert. The compeition aimed to find more young talented musicians in both countries.

As the closing ceremony for the 2022 "Friendship Cup" international music competition, the concert was unveiled by young musicians as well as dancers from China and Russia as well as other countries from Europe and Asia such as Singapore.

The music that night included the well-known Chinese folk song "Liuyang River" while the classic music piece "The Night on Moscow Outskirts" performed on cello successfully capped the evening.

Since 2016, the "Friendship Cup" has been held alternately in Russia and China with the aim of "introducing the art of music to the younger generation, while discovering more talented young musicians at the same time," Wang Baoai, one of the competition organizers and the director of the Chinese Language and Chinese Culture Research Center in Moscow, said during the ceremony.

Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui also sent a congratulatory letter to the event in which he said that China and Russia have achieved fruitful results in various fields such as cultural exchanges in recent years.

"This year, the competition has been expanded to more regions including other European and Asian countries, which also has brought inspiration to the competition and has had a positive impact on mutual learning between young music talents," Zhang added.

The ambassador expressed the prospects and potential of the two countries in the field of art and education cooperation, hoping that young musicians can use the "Friendship Cup" competition as an opportunity to seek more inspiration and cooperation.

The competition, which ran from Monday to Wednesday, was hosted by the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory Academic College and other institutions.