Rising quality of Chinese web series stimulates viewers’ willingness to pay for content
Published: Jun 21, 2022 03:09 AM
Photo: Screenshot from website.

Photo: Screenshot from website.

 June has seen a boom in the Chinese TV industry, thanks to a succession of high-quality shows that have gained large audiences and positive word of mouth. This has also stimulated Chinese audiences' willingness to pay for video content.

According to data from Chinese video platforms, TV shows such as A Dream of Splendor and Ordinary Greatness, which debuted in June, have been getting more popular with audiences, giving the market more confidence.

A Dream of Splendor tells the stories of three women in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) who created their own business. It has opened with 8.3/10 on media review platform Douban and reached at 8.8 at the peak, while Ordinary Greatness follows four fledgling police officers from Balihe police station and has been rated 8.6/10.

These high-quality series have attracted audiences who are longing for more, which is reflected in their comments. Many viewers asked the platforms to update the series more quickly and said they were willing to pay for the new episodes.

A 28-year-old fan of A Dream of Splendor told the Global Times on Monday that she cannot wait to see new episodes to find out if the leading characters fall in love with each other. She also said she was willing to pay for more content.

Industry insiders have suggested that video platforms should respect the needs of users and explore a suitable commercial model to produce high-quality content.

The platforms should develop a broadcasting method for the web series that can offer a higher degree of freedom for users and create more financial benefits for the platforms, the insiders said.