Hong Kong actor Au-yeung Chun-wah to abandon English name: ‘A Chinese one is good enough’
Published: Jun 29, 2022 08:37 PM
Hong Kong actor Au-yeung Chun-wah said'A Chinese one is good enough'during Infinity and Beyond show Photo:Sina Weibo

Hong Kong actor Au-yeung Chun-wah said'A Chinese one is good enough'during Infinity and Beyond show Photo:Sina Weibo

During a special appearance on the latest episode of Hunan TV variety show Infinity and Beyond that aired on Monday, well-known Hong Kong actor Au-yeung Chun-wah said he wants to leave behind the English name he has used for years: Bobby Au-yeung Chun-wah.

"I don't want to have a child's name as I get older. I think a Chinese name is good enough," he explained. 

Au-yeung mentioned it during the variety show's special episode celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. 

During the interview, the Hong Kong local also shared his thoughts about the changes in the city over the past two and a half decades, emphasizing the Chinese mainland's shared cultural roots with Hong Kong. 

"If you ask me where I am from, I can say to people of different races, I am from Hong Kong, China, have you ever been there?"

He recalled that in 1997, the year Hong Kong returned, he saw the PLA come to Hong Kong, which gave him a sense of belonging. 

"It was like my parents finally came to pick us up," he said. 

His earnest interview inspired fans on China's Sina Weibo, many of whom voiced their support. 

One posted the two characters of his Chinese name "Chun Wah," which roughly translates to "Chinese sensation," saying they were powerful descriptions of his faith in the country. 

"My parents gave me the name Isaac because I grew up in the UK. They thought it would be more convenient for me to communicate with locals. But, I like my Chinese name more, because the English name to me is like an ID, but my Chinese name says who I really am," 27-year-old Hong konger Yip Pakho, told the Global Times on Wednesday. 

Au-yeung is a veteran Hong Kong actor who has taken part in many TV productions that have left deep impressions on Chinese mainland' audiences such as the 1997 Taming of the Princess and the classic Hong Kong police drama Armed Reaction. 

Besides Au-yeung, the star-studded special episode of Infinity and Beyond also featured many other Hong Kong celebrities who shared their memories about Hong Kong's ties to the motherland. 

"What impressed me the most was the return of Hong Kong. Nothing could compare to it. I could finally say, 'I am Chinese.' It felt like coming home," famous Hong Kong singer Lee Hak-kan said during the show.