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Published: Jul 14, 2022 07:48 PM
Promotion material for The End of the World Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Promotion material for The End of the World Photo: Courtesy of Douban

The End of the World - Music event

The End of the World is a musical concert that will be personally conducted by the great musician Sanbao. Sanbao is a well-known musician active in many fields such as pop music, film soundtracks and musicals. Around 2005, he withdrew from the pop music scene and decided to dedicate himself to the composition of musicals. His musical works include Jin Sha, Butterfly, Wanderings of Sanmao and so much more.

A dream of Sanbao's for many years, this concert will feature a selection of his greatest hits. From solos and duets to chorus songs, nearly 30 pieces of music will be performed during the concert. According to Sanbao, the music will transport audiences into the scenes from his musicals the moment they hear it.  

The actors who once performed in Sanbao's musicals,  such as Sha Baoliang, Xu Yao and A Yunga, will perform at the concert.

Where: Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

When: July 27-28, 2022

Price: From 280 yuan ($41.50)

LOVELOVELOVE Biennale of Moving Images - Art exhibition

Taking the theme "Summer of LOVELOVELOVE," the LOVELOVELOVE Biennale of Moving Images is the first collaborative project of U2 by UCCA and the Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève. The exhibition takes inspiration from the 1967 "Summer of Love," one of the most influential cultural phenomena of the 1960s for advocating peace and love.

The exhibition will be presented in four sections: Nature, ­Identity, Freedom and Time. Works by more than 20 artists will be shown, including key works from Geneva's prestigious - Biennale de l'Image en ­Mouvement and projects from leading Chinese video art communities. 

The chief curator of the biennale is Andrea Bellini, who is also director of the Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève.

U2 by UCCA CEO Xu Ning said he believes the biennale will restore people's faith during today's difficult times. He hopes that through the collaboration, U2 by UCCA can serve as a bridge for in-depth communication and sharing, spreading love and courage to visitors.

When: Until December 25, 2022

Where: U2 by UCCA, Chaoyang Joy City, Beijing

Price: 65 yuan ($9.50)

The Leg Signals tour - ­Music event

This music performance in Shanghai is the first stop on Chinese indie music band The Leg Signal's 2022 national tour. 

The members of the band met at the Crossroad in ­Dongguan, South China's Guangdong Province, which is a local music scene in the industrial city. 

The band is heavily influenced by blues music, while they also take inspiration from funk, jazz, soul and rock. In 2019, the Leg Signal released their first album Jiao Xing Hao. Their second album Cheatin' with the Leg Signals was released in 2021. 

During their performances, the Leg Signal incorporates the rhythm of music into their emotions, creating a unique atmosphere for audiences. 

Another band HOWHY will also perform during the tour as an invited guest.

Where: Yuyintang, Shanghai

When: August 6, 2022

Price: 130 yuan ($19.00)