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Published: Jul 28, 2022 05:16 PM
Buste de femme accoudée by Pablo Picasso Photo: VCG

Buste de femme accoudée by Pablo Picasso Photo: VCG

Meet Pablo Ruiz Picasso - Art exhibition

This exhibition in Shanghai is a solo show dedicated to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Born in 1881, in Málaga, Spain, Picasso is one of the most creative and influential Western artists of the 20th century. 

A total of 202 original artworks by or related to Picasso will be displayed at the exhibition, including 147 paintings, 46 ceramic works and nine photos of Picasso's life by Robert Capa. The artworks are provided by the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation. 

The earliest work shown at the exhibition dates back to the 1900s and the latest work was created in the 1960s, a few years before the artist passed away.

Picasso created more than 30,000 artworks during his lifetime. He took inspiration from things around him, using artistic techniques such as exaggeration and cubism deconstruction to form his own art style.

The exhibition is curated by Wang Chunchen, deputy director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum.

Where: Meet You Museum (Jing'an Branch), Shanghai

When: Until September 12, 2022

Price: From 108 yuan ($16)

Catbus - Music event

The Catbus show in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, is a chamber music concert featuring the soundtracks from Hayao Miyazaki's animated films scored by Joe Hisaishi.

The concert will be performed by the New Era Symphony Orchestra with Wu Jing as art director. A top Hollywood music producer who has worked with composer John Williams, Wu was the music supervisor of the 2000 Sydney Olympics opening ceremony. 

Li Xiaolu, former violinist of New Zealand's Oakland Symphony Orchestra, will also perform during the concert. Li has performed as an invited guest with popular singer Jacky Cheung during the latter's tour of China.

The repertoire of the concert will contain gentle and beautiful tracks, allowing audience to immerse themselves in soft and gentle string music. The tracks are selected from seven of Miyazaki's animated films including Castle in the Sky and My Neighbor Totoro.

Where: Grandview Theater, Guangzhou

When: August 20, 2022

Price: From 180 yuan ($27)

Tota Italia: Origins of a ­Nation - Art exhibition

This exhibition in Beijing is displaying 503 cultural relics from 26 national museums in Italy. It demonstrates the profound and splendid origins of Italian culture while reflecting the process of how the Italian Peninsula achieved political and cultural unification.  

The exhibition is presented in 11 units. The first four units display Italian culture before Rome from various perspectives such as the society, language and religion of the times. The following six units present relics made during the expansion of the ancient Roman Empire. Through these representative cultural relics, visitors can learn about the lives, folk customs and society of ancient Rome. The last unit is about ancient Rome currency, which witnessed the ups and downs of Roman history.

The exhibition is not only a project realized by Chinese and Italian museums, but also a witness to the two countries' cultural exchanges.

Where: National Museum of China, Beijing

When: Until October 9, 2022

Price: From 60 yuan ($9)