Architectural workshop launched in Ordos to design creative green land homestay experiences
Published: Aug 04, 2022 03:54 PM
Promotional material for Green Land, Future Home Photo: Courtesy of World Architecture

Promotional material for Green Land, Future Home Photo: Courtesy of World Architecture

A design campaign themed "Green Land, Future Home" that promotes new grassland homestay experiences has kicked off in Hanggin Banner in Ordos, North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. 

At the opening ceremony of the campaign on July 25, the project invited five star Chinese architecture teams to the workshop with the aim of designing extraordinary homestay experiences that combine living spaces and green land. The task of the campaign is to design eight detached homestays, one high-end homestay complex and one public cultural building in the Erdos grassland tourism area.

Design phrase of the homestay started on July 18 and lasts two months. On July 25, the designers were set to pay site visit at the green land in Ordos. 

Participants at the workshop included the Fu Yingbin Studio, GIANO, MAT Office and more. Aiming to explore the integration of urban leisure life and the traditional grassland lifestyle, the project is collaboration between the local Hanggin Banner government and World Architecture magazine.  

The architectural results will be presented in a final report in the middle of September back at the Hanggin Banner. The buildings are expected to demonstrate local identity as well as coordinate the surrounding landscape with ecological environment, reflecting the harmony between architecture and the environment. 

Located in the southwest of North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Hanggin Banner is the region where the golden Xiongnu Crown, a national first-class cultural relic, was excavated. It has abundant tourism resources such as deserts, grasslands and a section of the Yellow River. There are three 4A tourist attractions in this area.