Sci-fi mech 'Warriors of Future' released, celebrated by moviegoers
Published: Aug 16, 2022 04:15 PM
Promotional material for <em>Warriors of Future</em> Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Promotional material for Warriors of Future Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Just hit the big screen on August 5, film Warriors of Future is being marketed as China's first hard sci-fi mech movie with its discussion over climate change, pollution, and the future of human beings.

The story sets its background in the environmental deterioration of a bleak future world that aims to spark a reflection upon contemporary environmental issues.

And now it's celebrated by more moviegoers after nearly two weeks' screening.

"This is an amazing experience that it impressed me," an audience in the cinema told the Global Times after watched it Monday. "The Chinese should be confident about their own movies as its sci-fi technology is improving."

"I really like to see a hero cultural science fiction built here in China," Christopher Bremble, CEO of Base Media, said in a video after he watched Warriors of Future.

The movie studio worked with the special effects team that was behind the Chinese sci-fi blockbuster Wandering Earth. According to reports, the film's budget is $HK 450 million ($58 million).

Directed by Hong Kong visual effects artist Ng Yuen, the movie stars Louis Koo, Sean Lau and Carina Lau.

"I wish more young people showed their interest in producing more high-quality sci-fi movies after watching this," said Louis Koo, who produced the multimilliondollar Hong Kong sci-fi action movie Warriors of Future.

Global Times