E.China’s Ji’nan to host expo, highlighting charm of cultural heritage
Published: Aug 17, 2022 07:46 PM
A masterpiece of a paper cut scroll

A masterpiece of a paper cut scroll "Grand view of eastern Fujian" is displayed at an industrial park exhibition hall in Ruorong County, Fujian Province, April 20, 2021. Photo: China News Service

The seventh China Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo is set to be held in Ji'nan, East China's Shandong Province, from August 25 to 29, China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on Wednesday. 

Wang Chenyang, director of the ministry's Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage, told the Global Times that the upcoming event themed on "Connecting Modern Life and Blooming with Enchanting Brilliance" aims to build a platform to showcase the results of China's preservation efforts, promote these efforts and guide future protection work. 

He also noted that the State Council, China's cabinet, has announced a total of 1,557 national-level intangible cultural heritage projects. Additionally, the ministry has identified 3,062 national-level inheritors of intangible cultural heritages and established 23 national-level cultural and ecological protection areas for 1,805 inheritors. 

The upcoming expo welcomes guest provinces to host some of the events both online and offline. In terms of exhibitions, four themed exhibitions will be held, including one on China's Grand Canal. 

For the Grand Canal exhibition, the Shandong government will work with municipalities and other provinces along the canal including Beijing and Tianjin to introduce exhibition designs that carry local characteristics. 

Besides this, fashion, food and tea culture will also be showcased at the expo.