Anish Kapoor's new works shine at Lisson Gallery's first permanent space in Beijing
Published: Aug 22, 2022 07:00 PM
The exhibition

The exhibition

An exhibition of new paintings from renowned artist Anish Kapoor kicked off the opening of the Lisson Gallery's first permanent exhibition space in Beijing on Saturday. Although known around the world for his series of sculptures, Kapoor has also gained fame with his paintings, many of which are on display at his first solo exhibition with the Lisson Gallery in China. He first made a name for himself in China with his groundbreaking two-part solo exhibition in 2019 in the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Museum and the Taimiao Art Museum of the Imperial Ancestral Temple. 

Among the paintings on display at the Lisson Gallery Beijing are The Night Encloses (2021), in which dense brushwork evokes the Earth as it swells and erupts; Inhuman, (2020) which depicts a fiery volcanic landscape; and Oh Mother, Tell Me My Life Again (2021), which depicts the moon rising over a peak as a symbolic narrative of a new cycle. 

The exhibition also features three sculptures at the space.