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Published: Sep 12, 2022 07:35 PM
Promotional material for Big Ear Tutu Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Promotional material for Big Ear Tutu Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Chinese animated show 'Big Ear Tutu' provides parents early education guidance

Big Ear Tutu was a 2004 animated series produced by the Shanghai Animated Film Studio. Encompassing a total of 120 12-minute episodes, the show was directed by Su Da, with Ding Dang as scriptwriter, Su Taixi as character designer, Shao Min as background designer and Zhang Fang working on the score. 

Protagonist of the show is Hu Tutu, a 3-year-old with big ears that he is very proud of. Joyful and naive, he is curious about the things around him and he sometimes surprises the adults with his straightforward speaking and acts. Just like most little kids, he loves eating snacks, chocolate and ice cream, and he dislikes studying, which his mother must force him to do. 

He likes a beautiful girl at his age named Yu Xiaomei and feels bothered by Xiao Douding, a 18-month-old baby who likes to imitate Tutu and follow him around. 

The series depicts the daily life of Tutu's family and Tutu and his friends' growth. 

Tutu's family includes his loving but sometimes emotional mother Zhang Xiaoli, his carefree and optimistic father Hu Yingjun and his grandparents, who love Tutu very much. 

Following Tutu as he goes about each day, the series reflects the funny and memorable moments that children experience growing up. 

The stories in the series cover subjects relevant to children and parents such as the first day of kindergarten, how to make friends and how to treat one's younger brothers and sisters. The creators of the show said they hope every child can grow up as healthy and happy as Tutu and that all parents can learn to appreciate their children's precious qualities.

According to the show director, Su, she was inspired by her own son Su Chang when creating the character Tutu. When she was working on the series, her son was about two or three years old. Su recorded the funny stories that happened within her own family and used them as inspiration for the show. Su Chang, who had a pair of big ears just like Tutu, said in an interview that he was delighted to see Tutu become a beloved childhood memory for many viewers in China.  

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