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Published: Sep 16, 2022 10:05 PM
Tanko Moofland Art Museum Opening Exhibition - art exhibition
Promotion material  Photo: Courtesy of Tanko Moofland Art Museum

Promotion material Photo: Courtesy of Tanko Moofland Art Museum

An art exhibition that adopts the theme "Borderless Green and Heading into the Mountain" is bringing the works of more than 50 artists to the capital. 

Launched on September 4 and set to close on November 20, the exhibition brings together a variety of art forms such as traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking and digital imagery to present contemporary artists' perception of natural mountain landscapes from different angles. 

The works at the exhibition not only reflect on mountains as a traditional symbol that continues to inspire modern creators, but also explore their associations with people today. 

The exhibition venue has been designed to incorporate experiential elements such as artificial grasslands and sound effects mimicking crickets and rabbits. 

This vivid design is dedicated to bringing visitors closer to nature and helping them achieve spiritual peace. 

Where: Moofland Park, Beijing 

When: Until November 20, 2022 

Price: Free entry

Cyber Rhapsody of Da Vinci - art exhibition 

Curated by the UK new media group NOTASTUDIO and featuring 36 projectors and an exhibition hall more than 1,400 square meters in size, this exhibition in Beijing presents an immersive digital experience for visitors.  

A visual feast of digital art created by Turkish art group Ouchhh through the use of AI algorithms, the exhibition is presented across three sections: AI Renaissance, Data Monument and Quantum Raphsody. 

In the first two sections, AI recreates great art and architecture treasures from throughout human history. 

In the last section, AI is used to transform the scientific research of great scientists such as Galileo and Einstein into visual artworks.

Dedicated to new media art, Ouchhh is a world-leading AI algorithm group made up of AI engineers, creative coders, scholars, designers and media artists.

Where: Shimao Gongsan Plaza, Beijing

When: Until November 29, 2022

Price: 138 yuan ($20)

Zone Out - art exhibition

This art show in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, is a solo exhibition of Chinese artist Zhang Miao's works. 

The show displays more than 20 artworks from the artist, including paintings, sculptures and architectural designs. 

The works exhibit how Zhang has transformed his rich imaginative art into a sensory experience full of emotional expression.  

Zhang enjoys using bold colors such as highly pigmented blues, oranges and greens in his works. 

These colors show rather simple textures, and even appeared to be flat, but they carry the visual simplicity that aims to remind visitors of their childhood artworks.

Halo, a mixed materials work using acrylic paint on an aluminum plate, is one of the highlights of the exhibition. 

Born in 1985, Zhang graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and now lives and works in Beijing.

Where: OCAT Xi'an, Xi'an

When: Until October 23, 2022 

Price: Free entry